The creation has been hardwired into the Ensemble’s genes since first established by Pierre Boulez in 1976. Supporting today's artists means a decision to participate in the history the XXIst century. Supporting the Ensemble Intercontemporain means encouraging the elaboration of the present and guaranteeing the future of today's creative endeavors, as well as maintaining exceptional artistic energy. By contributing to the Ensemble Intercontemporain, you directly support our artists and experience the thrilling energy which comes from ongoing exploration into the innovative and unexpected realms of what's never been done or heard before.

The Ensemble's mission is also comprised of actively promoting the XXth century repertory: the basis of today's music and a crucial link in the history of artistic creation. The Ensemble constantly pursues numerous cultural and enrichment activities including educational programs in libraries and schools, public rehearsals, pre-concert programs, master classes in tandem with concerts on tour, etc.