Projects to support

Educational projects / transmission

The Ensemble intercontemporain develops numerous projects of raising awareness and discovery of the contemporary music for a large audience :
Performances by Ensemble soloists in schools and libraries
Masterclasses and instruments workshops by the soloists
Educational outreach concerts for young people
Commissioning of a musical work
Transmission project
Public rehearsal commented by a musicologist

Supporting our educational activities means helping us bring contemporary music to a broader public.

Creation /Commissioned works

The Ensemble has an active policy to commission works from composers in order to encourage contemporary creation.
Each year, the Ensemble orders new works to established and emerging composers such as Matthias Pintscher, Hector Parra, Philippe Leroux or Enno Poppe. These works are then played by the Ensemble during their world creation.

Supporting our commissioned projects means supporting our composers and encouraging the musical creation of today and tomorrow.


The Ensemble intercontemporain is the French instrumental group which visits the greatest number of cities internationally each season. The Ensemble has performed in many great venues including : Carnegie Hall in New York, Royal Albert Hall in London, Philharmonic in Berlin and Cologne, Opéra de Paris, Sydney Opera House, la Scala de Milan etc.

Supporting us when we travel means promoting the national and international standing of a reputed French contemporary music ensemble.


Over the years, the Ensemble has recorded over 200 works, playing its part in creating a musical heritage for contemporary and future listeners alike. The Ensemble has worked with the Ircam and the Kairos recording house to launch in 2008 the « Sirènes » collection dedicated to emerging and established composers such as Alberto Posadas, Hector Parra, Yann Robin or Pierre Jodlowski.

Supporting our albums means building the musical heritage of tomorrow.